Monday, June 15, 2009

Why is our planet so heavily polluted?

Do we really care about our planet? If we take a look at how much we're polluting our planet then answer is certainly no we don't. Pollution is taking heavy toll in many countries around the world, like our planet is some sort of dumping place where we can dump all our trash, not thinking how this is affecting not only our planet but ourselves. We seem to be forgetting all the time that Earth is still our only home, and that by polluting our planet we are really hurting ourselves.

Ever since the industrial revolution started people started dumping more and more garbage into our rivers, sea oceans, and different types of emissions have also created significant air pollutions in many countries across the world. Take China for instance, by reaching super fast economic boom China also experienced supper fast air and river pollution.

Pollution is not only hurting our planet, it is hurting us as well because pollution often leads to many diseases, for instance air pollution leads to respiratory diseases while river pollution can lead to poisoning. Pollution problem is present in many parts of the world but countries that are mostly affected are China and India.

China does not only have tremendous air pollution problem because of heavy coal-fired industry but it is also facing serious river pollution problem with its main rivers Yangtze and Yellow river. These rivers are no longer safe for normal use, and are leading to many waterborne diseases. Air pollution problem in China had really become famous because of Beijing Olympics when China's government made extreme efforts to clean the air as much as possible in such short time. Of course, now when this games are over, and once recession ends industry will yet again create even more air pollution. Despite this serious situation China's government is still deciding whether to go for stronger environmental policy that would ensure cleaner air in China. Why? Because then industry would suffer and China isn't ready to give up on its huge economic boom.

Condition in India is also more than worrying. It is enough to visit holy India's river Ganges and you'll realize right away what I'm talking about. This river is is some parts so heavily polluted that by looking at it you have the feeling like you're in some kind of nightmare. 300 million gallons of waste go into the Ganges river each day, and what is even worse this river is still consider in India as the symbol of spiritual purity. Some estimates say how one third of all deaths in India is the result of different waterborne diseases.

So then it's the industry the main factor responsible for pollution? Well the answer is both yes and no. Yes industry is creating extreme waste, but the question we should ask ourselves is who stands behind the industry? We, of course. We are the most responsible for pollution, our greedy nature and lack of ecological conscience. As long as world remains driven by high profits things will not change, and planet will remain heavily polluted. We can have adequate laws but what good is the law if nobody obeys it?

What we really need to do is change our current perspective where everything is oriented on money. Money is important but is definitely not more important than our planet, well at least it shouldn't be. We need to realize this as soon as possible because even almighty dollar won't mean nothing without the planet to spend it on.

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