Friday, June 17, 2011

Industrial pollution facts

Industrial pollution is the major source of global air, water and soil pollution and refers to all pollution which can, directly or indirectly, be linked with industry.

Industrial pollution is the biggest source of pollution in most of the developed world. In United States for instance industrial pollution accounts for more than half of the nation's total pollution (data from the U.S. Environmental Agency).

Industrial pollution is becoming a major problem in fast developing economies such as China and India where it has already created huge problems in form of excessive water and air pollution.

Fossil fuels, on which our economies are built, are usually the main culprits behind the excessive industrial pollution, particularly coal, which is the dirtiest energy source of them all.

The main problem about the industrial pollution is the fact that industry generates incredible amount of waste many of which are dumped into different water bodies. The water pollution is the most common form of industrial pollution.

Climate change is also directly linked to industrial pollution. Our industry, based on the fossil fuel burning, is the main reason for the massive increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the last few decades.

In the last couple of decades, due to the rapid global industrialization of the world the industrial pollution has even spread to Earth's poles. The scientists have already found traces of industrial pollutants in samples of ice cores from Antarctica and the Arctic.

The negative impact of industrial pollution is not only limited to our environment but also to human health, especially health of workers who work in high polluting factories and the people who live in areas close to these factories.

Many industrialized nations have realized the seriousness of this issue and have imposed very tight restrictions that regulate industrial pollution. However in order to effectively tackle industrial pollution issue world will have to reach several international deals such as international climate change deal. Reaching such types of deals is very difficult because of the difference in opinion between developed and the developing countries.

Developing countries such as China and India do not want to slow down their rapid industrialization because they argue that the responsibility for current environmental issue lies primarily on the developed world.

Because of the globalization industrial pollution can reach every part of the world and its effects are widespread. The most obvious proof to this is climate change phenomenon.


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