Friday, November 15, 2013

Ocean acidity expected to rapidly grow this century

Ocean acidification is one of the worst forms of pollution affecting our oceans, and by the current looks of it, the situation will become lot worse in years to come. A group of renowned ocean experts recently issued warning that the acidity of the world's ocean could increase by around 170% by the end of the century. This will not only result in major environmental damage but will also bring devastating economic losses.

The summary will be launched at the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Warsaw, 18 November, for the benefit of policymakers because climate change is the main reason behind the excessive and fast-growing ocean acidification as oceans sink carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Sadly, the capacity of the oceans to act as a carbon sink decrease as they become more acidic.

The increased ocean acidity will no doubt lead to major changes in marine biodiversity. It will likely cause declines in shellfish aquaculture and the degradation of tropical coral reefs which will affect the entire marine food chain leading to major environmental and economic losses.

Reducing the rate of carbon dioxide emissions can slow acidification but world leaders are yet to agree on serious carbon offset targets as there is still a major difference in opinion between developed and developing countries.

Acidification is just one of the issues troubling world oceans these days. The others include deoxygenation, pollution and overfishing.

These ocean stressors are yet to be taken seriously by world leaders, being very low at global political agenda, despite the countless scientific warnings.

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  1. If we continue to deny what is right before our eyes, we are going to exterminate ourselves, and take everything else with us.