Saturday, January 15, 2011

Noise pollution facts

Noise pollution is basically any form of noise which has potential to disrupt the normal functioning of any natural ecosystem or some human community.

The main sources of noise pollution are coming from transportation and construction systems.

Noise pollution is not only causing environmental damage but it also has negative impact on human health as it can cause conditions such as aggression, hypertension, high stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, etc.

Noise pollution is especially serious issue in our seas and oceans, especially for creatures such as dolphins and whales. Noise pollution has very negative impact on hearing sense of these animals, which makes certain activities of these species such as hunting for prey and navigation very difficult.

Noise pollution in our oceans is constantly increasing because of the increased ship traffic and also because of offshore oil drilling.

In United States still doesn't exist the specific body that would regulate noise pollution on federal level.

Unwanted noise causes species to communicate louder which is known as Lombard effect.

Noise pollution can be tackled by many different methods such as by using noise barriers, limiting vehicle speeds, alteration of roadway surface texture, limitation of heavy vehicles, using special type of tires, etc.

Many people still do not regard noise pollution as serious issue that needs more attention on local, state and international level but more like some type of annoyance which isn't so serious. This is the main reason why there are many cities in the world that do not have a single law to regulate noise.

World without the excessive noise pollution coming from human sources would be a much quieter and much more beautiful place to be.


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