Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dust - Major factor in indoor pollution

If you thought that pollution is only happening outdoor then you were dead wrong because indoor pollution problem is becoming bigger and bigger. This has plenty to do with our way of life, that is responsible for introduction of different pollutants that pollute our homes and offices making them unhealthy places to be in.

Many people do not pay the necessary attention to indoor pollution problem like they are forgetting that we all spend most of our lives in our offices and our homes. Therefore it is of vital importance to protect our homes and offices  from indoor pollution because indoor pollution can not only cause allergies but even some other more serious diseases. In order to control pollution in your homes and offices you need to know the major pollutants that are causing it.

The most common of all pollutants is dust. Sometimes you have the feeling like dust is everywhere and how it is literally impossible to get rid of it because it requires daily cleaning (sometimes even couple of times per day). Maybe you'll be more happy when cleaning dust if knowing that dust can lead to acute breathing problems. So make sure not just to clean your homes and offices but also to ventilate it regularly. You should also try to locate the major sources of dust that come to your interior and do what it takes to eliminate them, if possible of course. When cleaning try not to use some toxic products or air fresheners, fresh air from your window is more than enough in most cases to freshen the room you're in.

The dust looks to be everywhere as it loves carpets, curtains, bedding, soft toys furniture, and with just a little of warm moisture in the air dust can become major issue. Daily cleaning and daily ventilation are probably two best allies against dust, so don't be lazy to protect your interior from this annoying pest. After all, we are talking about your health.

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