Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to reduce pollution from power plants?

If United States really want to repair damage done to our climate by excessive carbon dioxide emissions, then one of the best options to achieve this is to reduce pollution from fossil fuels fired power plants because these facilities are among biggest CO2 polluters in the world.

In order to cut pollution from fossil fuels fired power plants U.S. desperately needs new climate legislation, especially cap and trade legislation that Obama spoke so much about. By imposing limits on greenhouse gases and creating a market for carbon dioxide pollution rights, U.S. would no doubt do lot of positive things in fight against climate change.

Cap and trade legislation has many opponents who claim that with this legislation on energy prices will likely become much higher and also more volatile than they are today. But what will happen to our planet and our climate if we don't put a price tag on carbon emissions? Economic damage in form of higher energy bills still sounds to me like much better option compared to unpredictable climate on global level.

It is difficult to tell what is the currently most popular option in U.S. Congress, most Democrats support cap and trade program, while on the other hand most Republicans still feel that cap and trade legislation is not the right answer, and that this sort of legislation would do great damage to entire U.S. economy.

The last thing we need right now are long political debates about what is right and what is wrong to do. If we accept the scientific fact that climate change is indeed the worst environmental problem in the history of mankind which could have catastrophic consequences on our planet's health then there really shouldn't be difficult to decide what comes first, environment or economy.

Sadly, politicians still do not realize that we are running out of time to do something about it.

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