Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Sea pollution info

The story about Black sea pollution starts like almost any other pollution story. Once, not so long time ago, about half decade ago, Black Sea had very rich and diverse marine ecosystems. It also had major economic benefits in form of millions of tourists coming from all over the world, not to mention the abundant fisheries.

But in 1990s, all beauty has vanished, and this important natural resource has been brought at the brink of destruction. Once rich biodiversity became only a fond memory, and tourists are no longer coming to enjoy in natural beauties that this area once offered. There is also no more fish, and tragically the Black Sea has become an area to dump all forms of solid and liquid waste.

The Black Sea is full of different pollutants such as toxic metals and agrochemicals. These different chemicals have caused an overproduction of phytoplankton, which block light from reaching the sea grasses and algae, thus making a huge damage to marine life.

Many tanker accidents caused oil pollution, while coastal industries continue to discharge waste products directly, with little or no treatment. This in correlation with huge industrial activity in the area, shipping and offshore oil exploration created critical environmental state, and all aesthetic beauty has disappeared from this area, making place for the ugly site of tremendous pollution.

In order to fight this pollution, the six surrounding countries signed the Bucharest convention in 1992 but this convention has so far had very little impact because several governments have not yet released the funds needed to fulfill their commitments in fight against the Black Sea pollution.

And so the pollution still continues.

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