Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to stop environmental pollution?

Environment is everything that surrounds us, including not just living but also non living materials. And when certain pollutants enter our environment we are then talking about the environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution can have many different forms, and the two most common forms are air and water pollution which are in some parts of the world very serious issues. The other common environmental pollution forms include noise, light and land pollution.

When talking about the environmental pollution we need to know that this isn't something that has been only happening in the last century or so, the history of pollution is almost as old as humans are, although today with rapidly growing human population our environment, and our planet in general, is more polluted than ever before.

Fighting against environmental pollution isn't easy, not only because environmental pollution has so many different forms but also because the fight against pollution means in most cases environment vs industry, where environment is almost always on the losing side.

Industries are still the biggest pollutants but most of them remain unpunished because of the economic benefits they bring to certain area, and because of the fact that they have great influence on politics, so they most often get major political decisions going their way so they can continue with pollution.

How to stop environmental pollution? Almost each country in the world has some laws that prohibit environmental pollution and in the same predict punishments for offenders. But the main problems lie in monitoring the environment as well as finding the culprit responsible for pollution. These mechanisms will have to significantly improve if world wants to stop environmental pollution.

A strict international climate deal that would oblige countries to significant cuts in emissions would be extremely helpful to stop environmental pollution too but many analysts predict that world is still far away from such a deal.

The pollution problem is still not getting the adequate media attention because the media is only presenting the worst examples of environmental pollution such as recent oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, while on the other hand, many other significant examples of pollution remain unnoticed which leads some people to think that pollution is happening only once in a while. If only this was the case.


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