Monday, March 14, 2011

Marine pollution needs to be taken seriously

Each day, a large quantities of chemicals and different other pollutants are being dumped into our oceans and seas. The marine pollution is on the rise because human population is constantly growing, and with it also grows the amount of different pollutants that make their ways into our oceans and seas.

It has been estimated that around 60% of people in the world live in coastal areas. More people means bigger pollution. The worst thing is that the large number of people doesn't really care about what is going to happen to many marine ecosystems if we continue to pollute our oceans and seas, and most importantly what kind of the effect will marine pollution have on us and our well being. Not to mention our future generations.

Marine wildlife is finding it extremely hard to cope with the excessive level of pollutants such as heavy metals, nutrients and bacteria. Many marine ecosystems will soon cease to exist if world fails to address the marine issue properly. In fact, marine pollution has the potential to become one of the key factors to huge biodiversity loss in years to come. Like climate change and habitat loss aren't more than enough to deal with.

Humans have to stop using oceans as dumping grounds, and world should be definitely putting more efforts to develop political and social will so that people would start to respect environment, instead of constantly finding new ways how to abuse it.

This issue needs to be solved on domestic as well as the international level. Domestic laws are not enough because marine pollution often tends to spread from domestic to international waters, so this issue really deserves a global level of awareness.

Marine pollution is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Lives of many people around the globe depend on fish, and ongoing marine pollution is threatening to disrupt marine food chain to a point of no return.

Marine pollution could not only cause huge fish loss, it could also pose serious health threat to humans because toxins could easily end up in our body after consuming fish from a polluted area.

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  1. I agree, we have an out of sight out of mind attitude when it comes to dumping waste in the oceans. Next week the Australian government plans to dump a disused frigate in our bay despite evidence to show it is laden with lead paint, PCBs and plastics. a similar vessel dumped of Melbourne only 16 months ago is already disintegrating and debris is being washed ashore. Go to for more information