Friday, April 6, 2012

How to solve water pollution issue?

Here are the things world needs to do in order to solve water pollution issue:

1. Strict laws and frequent monitoring of water bodies in order to avoid scenarios that include huge quantities of different chemicals being discharged either directly or indirectly into our rivers, lakes, and streams.

2. Better education of the people. People, especially the ones living in developing countries, need to be more educated and learn that water is the most precious resource in our planet.

3. Enable more funds to adequately treat waste water and sewage waste. This means at least the basic sanitation in all countries of the world. In India for instance 700 million people still have no access to basic sanitation (a proper toilet).

4. Frequent chemical, biological and physical testing of different water bodies in order to prevent water pollution from reaching higher levels.

5. Massive fines for industries and people that purposely dump waste and other chemicals into different water bodies.

6. More wastewater treatment facilities so that there is more water discharged back into the environment without posing threat to our health and our environment. World also needs to force wastewater treatment facilities to pull more pollutants from their discharge.

7. Decrease the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture because advanced agriculture based on heavy use of different chemicals is one of the main factors behind growing water pollution issue.

8. Cleaning up polluted rivers and other polluted water bodies. Cleaning polluted water bodies is very expensive procedure but this is really a small price to pay when considering harmful effects of polluted water to our heath and our environment.

9. Better use of science. Science needs to focus more on finding the new "revolutionary" solution to clean polluted water bodies such as for instance using carbon nanotubes to clean polluted water.

10. Water pollution needs to be tackled at both regional as well as global level because all environmental issues are becoming global and water pollution issue is certainly no exception.

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  1. Lisiabell FloresMay 8, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    All of these proposed solutions are great. These solutions should definitely be fulfilled for our precious environment/water.