Friday, April 20, 2012

Why is pollution bad for environment?

There are many different reasons why pollution is bad for our environment. Before mentioning the most important ones we first need to be aware that pollution has many different forms meaning that it can negatively affect environment from many different aspects. Therefore the best way to answer this question is to go through each form of pollution and talk about its negative effects on our environment.

Water pollution: 
 - Water pollution is bad for environment because it leads to decline of freshwater resources which means that there isn't enough safe drinking water to support nearby ecosystems.
 - Animals that drink water filled with different chemical and other harmful waste experience poisoning and deaths.
 - Water pollution can also lead to creation of so called „dead zones“ where animals and plants cannot live due to severe lack of oxygen.
 - The longer exposure to water pollution leads to severe decline of many animal species and excessive water pollution can even lead to total extinction of species like this was the case with the Yangtze River Dolphin.
 - Water pollutants also cause aquatic animals breathing difficulties.

Air pollution:
 - Air pollution does big damage to our environment. Harmful greenhouse gases, for instance, not only pollute our planet, but also contribute to global warming and climate change.
 - Some air pollutants also destroy ozone layer, opening the door for harmful ultraviolet rays.
 - Air pollution also leads to creation of acid rain that can cause great damage to many plants and animals.
 - Air pollution also causes breathing problem for many animals, which can result in their deaths.

Noise pollution:
 - Noise pollution is often neglected form of pollution that can be pretty bad for our environment. Noise pollution coming from cars and industry can have negative impact on nearby ecosystem by frightening animals and changing their preferred habitats.
 - Noise pollution is not only happening on land but also in our oceans, mostly because of excessive offshore drilling. Sea animals such as dolphins and whales are among most affected species because they rely heavily on their hearing sense and therefore noise pollution can make their daily activities such as hunting for prey and navigation very difficult, which can lead to decline in species.

Pollution from oil spills:
  - Oil spills cause massive and long-term damage to marine wildlife. The scenes of animals trapped in oil spill are horrific to watch, especially birds once they ingest oil that covers their feathers as this causes serious kidney damage, altered liver function, and digestive tract irritation, resulting in deaths of many birds.

Nuclear waste pollution:
-  Nuclear waste pollution can occur during nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl and Hiroshima. This is a particularly dangerous form of environmental pollution because nuclear waste stays radioactive for at least 5000 years, and can lead to reproduction problems and death of many animals.

Soil pollution:
-  Soil pollution isn't exactly among most talked about forms of pollution. Excessive soil pollution can lead to serious water contamination and can therefore create huge environmental damage. Contaminated soil is anything but a safe place to grow food on because the different harmful chemicals can reach into the bodies of living organisms once they digest the affected food.

Light pollution:
- Excessive light pollution can also have negative impact on our environment. Light pollution can negatively affect nearby ecosystems and disrupt the proper functioning of food web chain. Light pollution is especially harmful for nocturnal animals as it can disrupt their navigational ability.


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