Friday, May 11, 2012

Why is air pollution happening?

Air pollution is primarily happening because of our industry and our vehicles. These sources release harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter into air.

Increased industrial activity and the growing number of cars in our roads means that air pollution is constantly growing, even despite the efforts from many countries and different legislation that aim to reduce the global level of air pollution.

When thinking about air pollution most people will automatically turn to China. Chinese cities are indeed the most negative examples of excessive air pollution but this doesn't mean they are the only ones. There are several U.S. cities experiencing excessive levels of air pollution such as Los Angels and Pittsburgh.

The best solution to tackle air pollution issue is to make our industry and vehicles cleaner. This means shifting focus to renewable energy sources and using more hybrid/electric cars instead of conventional gasoline powered cars.

The problem with these solutions is the fact that these technologies are yet to become cost-competitive with traditional technologies, and will certainly need plenty of time before reaching maturity level needed to challenge currently dominant technologies.

The first step towards cleaner technologies is the adequate legislation. The companies need to be legally forced to look for cleaner solutions by paying astronomical fines for continuous pollution of our air, and environment in general.

The big polluters must be severely punished for the damage they are doing to our environment and our health. Economic growth mustn't be used as a universal excuse to justify continuous deterioration of our environment.

The air pollution (as well as other forms of pollution) will continue to grow as long we remain ignorant about it. We must realize that air pollution is major issue that is also jeopardizing our own health and not just the health of our environment.

Clean and healthy air does not only mean clean and healthy environment but also a healthy life for our children, grandchildren and our future generations.

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