Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ocean dead zones will increase in tropic oceans

Ocean dead zones are areas where nothing can survive due to the lack of oxygen. These areas are mostly caused by an increase in chemical nutrients in the water, with chemical fertilizer being considered as the prime cause of dead zones around the world. The newest study showed that if carbon dioxide levels will continue its current trend of constant increase by the year 2050 tropical ocean dead zones could increase by 50 %. If this happens this will have devastating effect on many marine ecosystems.

According to this latest study if carbon dioxide levels will continue to rise there will be more carbon dioxide in the water as well which will lead to tremendous increase in algae population, and so will ocean bacteria too. Ocean bacteria feed on the algae, and in the process takes oxygen from the water creating ideal conditions for creation of ocean dead zones.

Tropical ocean dead zone will significantly increase in years to come if we continue with current levels of CO2 emissions

If this scenario happens many marine ecosystems will be severely affected. Currently most fish avoid dead zones but with the rise of 50 % many fish species will be put in jeopardy. Since world still hasn't done anything to reduce constant increase of carbon emissions this scenario unfortunately looks very possible.

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