Friday, November 21, 2008

Oceans need more protection

Our oceans are also affected with global warming, climate change and different other ecological problems like pollution. All these problems have extremely negative impact on life in our oceans and we simply have to do much more to protect our oceans. Up to now less than 1% of the world's oceans have been given protection status which is too little when compared to severity of so many ecological problems.

Though world governments have committed to a target of protecting 10% of world's oceans by 2012 this scenario seems impossible to many scientists. Ocean protection is still making small steps compared to land protection mainly because many people still fail to see importance of our oceans. Protecting oceans is by no means an easy task but is also not impossible, what it really requires is sustainable fishing and shipping activities.

Only about 4% of coastal waters are protected which quite clearly shows that there is still not emphasis on importance of our oceans. Exceptions are same countries like for instance New Zealand where with about 70% of its coastline under some form of protection, where most of the countries have only small percentage of their coastline under protection.

Our oceans need more protection

Protecting oceans and coastal waters is not only good from ecological point of view but also from economic point of view. Protecting different ecologically important areas can put an end to the current decline in population of many marine species, leading to recovery in their population. This can in the end result in significant benefits for tourism industry.

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