Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yellow River heavily polluted

Yellow River is the second longest river in China, and is like many other rivers in China heavily polluted. According to the results of the newest scientific study one third of China's Yellow river is heavily polluted, not safe for normal use, mainly because of China's rapid economic boom followed by vast number of industrial waste. What is even worse is the fact that this river supplies water to millions of people in northern China, so it is really only matter of time before we see rapid increase in waterborne diseases in this part of China.

This region was always among top industry regions in China, now more than ever before, but it has also been known for being chronically short of water. Samples taken from this river showed that 33.8 percent of the river is worse than level 5, meaning not only that this water is unsafe for drinking but also for industrial use and agriculture. Only 16.1 percent of the river samples reached level 1 or 2 — which is level when water is considered safe for household use.

China's Yellow River is heavily polluted

China's main problem is really in local governments that put very little (somewhere almost no) effort to monitor waste disposal process of firms located in their area. What is even worse these polluting firms are protected because they give job to many local workers. In this enchanted circle there is only one result, namely river is treated as a dumping site.

On one hand China is showing signs of tremendous economy growth but the price that Chinese had to pay for this growth was too high. Environmentally speaking China is probably the poorest country in the world, with many different ecological and environmental problems that are becoming bigger and bigger. Levels of water and air pollution are increasing each year, and if local governments continue with their "all goes" rule for industry firms China will very soon experience environmental catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

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  1. Thats terrible. The government should care more.