Thursday, December 4, 2008

Noise pollution great threat to sea life

Though there are many people that give little importance to noise pollution scientists proved otherwise, in fact increasing noise pollution threatens the survival of many sea animals, including whales and dolphins. As some of you already know many sea creatures communicate through the water but increased levels of noise pollution from commercial shipping and climate change are making this communication very difficult. As a result many sea animals become disoriented, cannot find mates or food and sometimes even behave uncharacteristically.

Whales are among the animals mostly affected by sea pollution. Experts at the International Fund for Animal Welfare have calculated that the distance over which blue whales can communicate has been reduced by as much as 90% in the last 40 years. Climate change is also the big problem because rising levels of carbon dioxide cause oceans to be more acidic making sound travel further through sea water.

Noise pollution is threat to many sea animals, particularly whales and dolphins.

Noise pollution is still regarded by many as irrelevant but experts and environmentalists think otherwise. In fact they are suggesting some sort of an international agreement that would force countries to reduce noise pollution levels by for instance installing quieter engines. If we are to believe the words of spokesman for the UN Environment Programme "governments are ready to take action to alleviate the problems caused by noisy oceans". However governments were ready many times regarding similar problems but failed to move from the "ready point". Could we finally see a change?

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