Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best tips how to prevent indoor air pollution?

The quality of air in your home or at your working place is in some cases well below health standards. Though many people think of only outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution has lately been serious problem in many parts of the world, and some studies have even confirmed that by just doing regular daily activities we are polluting indoor air up to five times compared to the quality of the air outside.

The are different pollutants that decrease quality of the air inside our homes and offices such as natural gas, chemical cleaners, smoking, mold, perfumes. The people mostly affected with indoor air pollution are elderly people, and young children but also adults who suffer from allergies.

In order to prevent air pollution at your home or at your office here are some things you can do:

*Disallow smoking inside your home or inside your office.
*Be careful with moisture levels.
*Ensure enough ventilation in areas where you are using the natural gas.
*In any given opportunity open your window and allow fresh air inside your home/office.
*Use air purifiers (especially if some member of your family suffer from allergies or asthma).

The quality of indoor air can result in many health issues so make sure to take all the necessary steps to prevent indoor air pollutants. If you have doubts whether your indoor air is polluted or not you can tested it by experts.

Indoor air pollution - Most common causes.

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