Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Industrial water pollution is still reason for concern

Industrial water pollution is one of the most common forms of water pollution. Different industries around the globe produce different pollutants that are extremely harmful to not just environment but also to our health. In many corners of the world industrial facilities use freshwater to carry away waste from the plants into rivers, lakes and oceans. This waste can include conventional pollutants (oil and grease), toxic pollutants (heavy metals such as lead) or other non-conventional pollutants such as ammonia, all of which can cause serious damage to our health.

Many environmentalists believe that industrial water pollution is already out of control, and that we can't even trust the quality of water that is flowing through our taps. This may well be the case because with so many industries it is very optimistic to expect specialized pollution treatment options in all of them.

Our current water treatment facilities are definitely not enough to protect us from industrial water pollution because most of these facilities use highly ineffective method, namely porous membrane filters that only remove particulates, but allow almost all of the chemicals and toxic metals to pass freely, meaning that every time you drink a glass of water there is fair chance that you are ingesting some of these toxins and chemicals into your organism.

For many years big industries didn't have to obey strict rules about waste disposal and were allowed to almost freely dump different chemicals and toxins into our streams and rivers, and in some countries in the world this is still happening. From time to time these industries pay some fines but this is very small price to some billion dollar industry, and it certainly doesn't fix the water pollution problem.

So what can we do to ensure the maximum quality of water in our home? Well, installing a dual water filter set could be the best thing to start with because with its multi-media block feature it will keep most of these dangerous chemicals at safe distance.

You have to always remember that ensuring the water of the best possible quality is one of the main prerequisites for a healthy life.

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