Wednesday, February 24, 2010

North Atlantic polluted by plastic debris

Ocean pollution is one of the most serious forms of pollution that often gets unnoticed, and only God knows how much garbage has been actually dumped into our oceans. The latest unpleasant discovery of ocean pollution is area of North Antarctic where scientists have located the accumulation plastic debris.

The issue of plastic garbage has so far been much neglected for Atlantic but hopefully things will change with this new discovery. On many places in North Atlantic there have been found floating pieces of plastic on the water surface. The maximum "plastic density" that scientists found was 200,000 pieces of debris per square kilometre in one region of the North Atlantic.

Scientists still do not fully know how does plastic debris affect marine environment but many marine organisms are consuming these plastics, and this has a particularly bad effect on seabirds.

The pieces of plastic mostly found in North Atlantic were in average very small to about 1cm across, but there were lot of these pieces.

Scientists still have to determine the exact effect that plastic debris has on our oceans, it is definitely not as hazardous to environment like oil spills, or toxic waste but it definitely has some negative environmental effects. it is up to science to determine how big these negative effect really are.

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