Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Facts about air purifiers

An air purifier is the device that removes harmful contaminating particles from the air, cleaning air in the process. Air purifiers are especially recommended to have at home or offices for people that suffer from allergies or asthma because these people have far less tolerance for contaminated air.

The most effective air purifiers are ionic air purifiers. There have been some public fear that these air purifiers have high concentration of ozone but the recent studies have confirmed that the newest models have negligible ozone levels. Most air purifiers work very silently, and even the ones that are sometimes considered as loud are in most cases producing far less noise compared to some other home devices.

There are several factors that describe the quality of air purifiers such as area coverage, air changes per hour, which indicates in what frequently can the air purifier exchange all the air in a given room; the clean air delivery rate, which determines how well air has been purified; energy usage; and the cost of the replacement filters for air purifiers that need filter change.

Why are air purifiers important household devices? The answer to this question lies in indoor air pollution that can have very negative impact on our overall health by not only triggering allergies or asthma but can also contribute to some forms of cancer. Air that is not clean can have a variety of harmful particles that can do serious damage to our health, and air purifiers are devices designed to remove this particles so we can breathe clean, healthy air.

Air purifier.

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  1. Nice article.

    While I personally prefer a HEPA air purifier, I think that a good ionic air purifier can provide cleaner air.

    I wanted to mention that while an air purifier will provide cleaner air, it is not a miracle. If there are sources of pollution in your house, you need to remove them in order to have cleaner air. Removing the source of pollution provides a permanent solution. the Make an air purifier part of your strategy to remove pollution, not your only solution.