Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Air pollution on global level

Clean, breathable air is one of the main prerequisites for healthy life. Every living creature on this planet suffers when air is not clean, and therefore it is of vital importance to stop air pollution as much as possible, in order not only to improve life standard for ourselves but also for our future generations.

Many large cities have serious air pollution problem because of factors such as high traffic, and large industries. In many cases in large cities air pollution leads to different health problems such as asthma, and there is also large number of deaths caused by air pollution each year.

When people breathe polluted air this isn't only doing harm to their lungs but also to their heart, and constant exposure to air pollution can lead to different lung and heart diseases. People with certain medical conditions may experience worsening of symptoms as the result of air pollution, especially the ones that suffer from medical conditions related to breathing, such as asthma.

Health problems are not the only consequence of air pollution as air pollution also contributes to water and soil pollution, increasing overall impact of pollution that happens on our planet.

Many people are not aware that air pollution is global problem, and therefore we need to fight air pollution on global level. One of the best ways for fighting air pollution would definitely be new climate deal but Copenhagen sadly failed to address this very important issue.

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