Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pollution at Baltic sea to continue?

The pollution at the Baltic has been taking heavy toll for couple of decades, and Baltic sea really needs cleaning up. Some experts say that the Baltic sea is the most polluted sea in the world, and if Russia continues to push forward the plan for even bigger oil and gas expansion in this area, we will soon be witnessing total environmental disaster in this area.

The main problem in this story is that Baltic sea has already gathered the reputation as the top destination to dump different waste such as untreated sewage, many chemical pollutants, and particularly damaging is the agricultural waste that causes blooms of algae that choke marine life.

The factor that will further contribute to pollution at the Baltic is also an increased sea traffic. The well known Russian port of Ust Luga is being upgraded and should in few years time handle almost one-fifth of Russia's total petroleum products exports as the Russia seeks more European business.

Baltic sea - The most polluted sea in the world.

The marine ecosystems at Baltic sea are already having tough times, and the further business expansion could wipe out many of native species. It would be very interesting to see whether the one-day summit that would be hosted by Finland and will gather a number of national leaders, including Putin, along with heads of businesses and different non-governmental organizations will actually do something to protect fragile marine environment in this area. Or will once again, like in many other cases industry edge out environment concerns.

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