Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reducing air pollution with renewable energy

Air pollution is definitely one of the biggest environmental problems, and one of the best solutions to solve this problem would be using much more environmentally friendly renewable energy sources like wind or solar power because they do not pollute our air and environment like this is the case with dominant fossil fuels.

And as renewable energy sources are becoming more cost competitive they are also becoming increasingly popular option among many customers, and some environmentalists are already saying that renewable energy is now a viable prospect to help improve air quality.

This well may be the case in developed countries but poor countries sadly do not have this luxury of for instance installing solar systems because though renewable energy now costs significantly less than couple of years back it is still too expensive for many developed countries.

The world where renewable energy sources would rule the world would be the best solution for air pollution problem on global scale. But sadly, we can only dream about this because fossil fuels are very likely to be dominant energy sources by the end of this century. So air pollution problem will probably persist for many years in future.

Renewable energy - Probably the best answer to air pollution problem.

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