Monday, April 19, 2010

What can each of us do to reduce the pollution?

The pollution has many different forms, and all these forms of pollution are much bigger environmental threat than many of us think they are. On many different places our planet is heavily polluted, and in order to help our planet to recover from pollution we need to develop ecological conscience, and do at least some small things to reduce the overall pollution.

Each and every one of us can do something to reduce the pollution, and there are really some very simple ways that if used by many people would significantly decrease the global impact of pollution on our planet. We can start with our cars by doing everything that is in our power to minimize the pollution. That could include not going to every single destination with your car (you can sometimes go by foot or with bike which will not only help reduce pollution but is also healthy for you), planning trips in order to maximally reduce the gasoline consumption, or when buying new car paying a bit extra for hybrid car that emits significantly less than traditional gasoline powered car.

You can also do some easy things at your home that could also help reduce pollution like for instance conserve energy by turning light or your electrical appliances off when you no longer need it. Also make sure to use power saving devices, basically wherever possible look for the most energy efficient method.

Together with not depending so much on your car, and doing different energy conservation measures you can also use devices that can be reused, like for instance rechargeable batteries. Paper and plastic can also be reused instead ending up in garbage.

By reusing plastic we can also reduce pollution.

These all may seem like the little things with very little effect but if many people were to start doing these things that would significantly reduce the overall pollution. All what it takes is some responsibility, and a small dose of ecological conscience.

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