Monday, April 26, 2010

Why is it important to reduce indoor air pollution?

Many people are not aware of the fact that indoor air pollution is globally speaking the bigger problem than outdoor air pollution. It is very important to reduce indoor air pollution in your home or in your office because indoor air pollution can lead to several health problems, in fact several studies have showed that indoor pollution is one of the main causes of respiratory illnesses that affect large number of people across the globe.

The ones that suffer the most are children, elderly people and people that already suffer with some respiratory illness. Fortunately so, indoor air pollution is one of the problems that can be solved but this is definitely not something to be taken lightly. First you need to identify the source of indoor air pollution in your house because in order to win a fight you need to know who you're fighting with.

The sources of indoor pollution.

In many homes and offices smoking is one of the main causes of indoor air pollution, so to reduce the indoor air pollution in this case the best option would be no smoking in these areas. If you or someone else wants to smoke then do it outside. Cigarettes contain many chemicals that are not only harmful to the person who smokes but for those who do not but share the living/working space with him/her. (second hand smoking).

Having adequate air ventilation is definitely one of the best ways to reduce indoor air pollution. Excellent ventilation significantly contributes to the quality of air in your home or in your office so make sure to ensure it, especially in your kitchen and bathroom (many people for instance use exhaust fans for these purposes).

Don't be afraid to use air purifiers if you have to. Among the best possible options among air purifiers is Ionic breeze quadra silent air purifier that combines high efficiency with very silent work but there are also some other quality options.

Oh yes, once you get rid of indoor air pollution this doesn't mean that you won't meet it again. Indoor air pollution requires constant fight so do not take it lightly. Remember your health is on the line.

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