Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to ensure adequate pollution control?

Pollution control refers to different measures that have a goal of controlling the introduction of certain pollutants into given environment. Since pollution is constantly growing around the globe it has become quite clear that current levels of pollution control are anything but enough to keep our planet clean and healthy for years to come.

What this world desperately needs is a very strict international pollution control but this cannot be achieved without the adequate pollution control mechanisms at domestic level. Every country in the world needs to become aware that pollution is degrading our environment by making it dirty and unhealthy and that this also degrades the quality of our life and human well-being in general.

The effective global pollution control is anything but easy because human population is constantly growing, and more people mean more waste. Minimizing waste is the first premise of successful pollution control but can this be done with rapid growth of human population in many parts of the world?

It can, but only if the entire world becomes more educated and change its current way of thinking. The entire world needs to work hard on developing something like global ecological conscience because this is really the only way to protect our planet from further environmental degradation.

It's not only pollution it is also climate change, biodiversity loss, and many other environmental issues, all of which present huge threat to future well-being of human generations. The only way for humans to start solving these issues is to care more for environment. Without the healthy environment what would our future look like and more importantly who would want to live in such future.

Scientists and environmentalists are constantly warning world leaders that pollution is running out of control but yet the global politics still pretty much remains ignorant about it. Like they are waiting for some kind of miracle to happen instead of actually doing something that could fix the problem.

Ignorance isn't the answer. It never was and it will never be. Our fate and the fate of our future generations will be determined by our actions. We still have some time to make things right.

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