Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pollution prevention definition

The definition of pollution prevention would include all measures that have a goal of eliminating, avoiding and/or reducing pollution on our planet. Pollution prevention is basically any measure that removes pollutants from our environment, keeping it healthy and safe, not only for us but also for plants and animals.

The main reason why pollution prevention is more unsuccessful that successful is the rapid growth of human population. Quite simply, more people means more pollution in form of waste and different other pollutants.

People are now more educated than they were before but this sadly isn’t enough to stop excessive growth of pollution in many parts of the world. There are many people in the world who still haven't developed environmental conscience, and sadly there are also many people in the world who have „adapted“ to living in polluted environment.

If we take a look at India for instance we can see that pollution, especially water pollution, is out of control in many parts of the India. Even India's holy river Ganges is heavily polluted and millions of people in India lack access to safe drinking water. The similar situation is in China where air pollution is causing huge problems in many Chinese cities.

China and India are two very negative examples of excessive environmental pollution but there are many other countries in the world that need to make their pollution prevention measures more effective. United States is also one of these, for instance Los Angeles is among the world's cities most affected with air pollution.

There have been many pollution prevention programs and various other educational programs with the purpose of explaining the people why pollution is running out of control, and how can each and every one of us help in reducing pollution. But despite these positive efforts pollution is still growing on global scale, and is together with climate change and biodiversity loss the biggest environmental issue of our time.

People still do not spend enough time thinking about the negative consequences of pollution. Many people still refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of pollution issue. This ignorance could cost us dearly in years to come.

People must become aware that pollution is doing enormous damage to our environment, and that protecting our environment means protecting ourselves because clean environment is vital part of human well being.

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