Friday, November 16, 2012

The importance of pollution abatement and its role in helping our environment

Pollution abatement is primarily focused on helping our environment, but given the current environmental condition of our planet and the lack of the global political will for environmental issues, we cannot really be too much optimistic about it.

Pollution abatement includes different technologies, methods and measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of pollution. Since there are many different forms of pollution there are also various technologies used to reduce pollution, for instance waste-water treatment facilities are used to reduce the impact of water pollution while noise mufflers can be used to reduce the levels of noise pollution.

Why is pollution abatement important? The answer is easy - because pollution is constantly on the rise – the air and water quality are constantly degrading, oceans are becoming more acidic, artificial noise and light levels are constantly growing, and so on.

The costs connected with the reduction of pollution are enormous, and this means that for many countries pollution abatement represents gigantic economic burden, as they cannot find the necessary funds to finance it.

The pollution issue attracts plenty of talk but when it comes to switching from words to work politicians suddenly become very silent. Since the world has become „one global village“, pollution issues can be solved only a global level, but these days finding a mutual language when discussing environmental issues is really a mission impossible. We as a society have failed tremendously because we know that pollution is also degrading the quality of our life, and yet we seem to be doing very little to change the way things operate these days.

The science is constantly in search for new technologies that would help reduce pollution, but brains involved in these researches are not nearly fast enough as our level of polluting our planet is. Even when science finds some technology that would account for less pollution in the world, very little positive happens because of the long period before this technology becomes implemented into our industry, and society in general. It is always somebody's interests, and only then can we mention everything else. Our society is yet to find the right pollution abatement strategy.

The more we wait the bigger the toll pollution takes. The task that lies ahead is truly great because science not only needs to find effective and feasible technologies to reduce pollution, that's only half of the story, the other half refers to political feasibility on global scale, and this is where the real problem lies.

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